Here at Push Paintless Dent Removal, we do a lot more than just come up with catchy titles.

We fix dents.

Sometimes big ones.

You've likely guessed by now how this dent came to be, but just in case you haven't, here's a brief rundown. This customer was driving down the highway on his way to Banff, Alberta, when a deer darted across the road and ran head first into the rear door of his truck.

The deer, although a bit dazed, was seemingly fine and ran off into the forest. His truck on the other hand, had a permanent reminder of the time a deer ran head first into the side of his truck.

Due to the size of the dent, a little bit of vehicle disassembly was required to make a proper repair. We started by removing all of the contents of the door including the window glass so that we would have full access to our affected area, which turned out to be pretty much the entire door from side to side and top to bottom (this deer had antlers). Once all of the trim was removed, we removed the door to put it on one of our stands.

Then, the slow tedious work began to start working the metal of the entire door in stages. Because there were several smaller, sharp dents contained throughout the area of the door that was largely pushed in by the impact (likely from the antler tips) we had to work each dented area in pieces, not fully completing any one dent until the entire door panel had been completely raised close to it's original form. Once the metal of the door as a whole was back to where it was supposed to be, we could then put in the finishing work to restore the remaining areas back to their original shape.

Once the door had been fully repaired, we remounted it onto the vehicle, restored all of it's components and verified the correct operation of the window and door handles.

The total repair time for this vehicle was about 5.5 hours from start to finish and came out perfect!

And now, on to the photos.