We do box sides. 

Dents on a truck box can be some of the toughest easy dents to fix. Allow us to explain! 

Many times we have customers come in and say they'd like to have a dent or two fixed on the box side of their truck. Easy enough! But truck boxes are usually made of some pretty tough stuff, and when they get dented, it's not because you leaned up against them. It's because something big and heavy hit it pretty hard. 

Here's a good example of a customer who called us to have a dent fixed on the box side of their new Ram 1500. This actually ended up being 3 separate dents all mixed in to one area of about 8 inches and right through a nice sharp body line (this adds to the level of difficulty and requires signifcantly more time to move the metal nice and slowly back in to place to avoid any paint damage)!

This repair was about 90 minutes start to finish and with a good polish it's like it never happened! See for yourself. 


Before - Filtered.jpg


After - Filtered.jpg